Vehicel Tracking System


Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System:
Monitoring and managing the mobile assets are the core Functionalities of any company dealing with the services, delivery or transport vehicles. For optimum utilization of mobile asset it is required to collect and analyze the information of the assets.
DISHA allows you to tracks your vehicles locations in an intelligent manner providing you the appropriate information at the right time. Apart from providing Real Time and Historical tracking on the WEB, it provides you real time alerts, events and scheduled reports thru SMS on your mobile phone.
When a cellular network is available, the unit transmits the GPS data to the server along with optionally (RFID/Finger Tip, Fuel Level, Temp) data to the server thru GPRS. In case the network availability is not there, data is stored in internal memory which is transmitted to the server later when network become available. The product is simple to install, just mount it on the front dashboard (GPS requires visibility of the sky) and connect the two wires to the battery of vehicle. A unique feature is that the GPS & GPRS antennas are enclosed, saving in cost of installation of antennas and also reduce the chances of mechanical damage to antenna.
SMS based Features for Disha :
  • Query to find Current Location, Current Speed , Cell Tower Info
  • Alert for Geofence, Over speed, Harsh Braking, Sudden acceleration, Movement when vehicle is Parked
Common Specification GPRS:
  • 32 bits, 104 MHz ARM Processor
  • 32 M bit flash / 16M bit Ram
  • Real Time OS
  • RTC with calendar
  • Fully RF Shielded
  • Temp: - 20 to 55 deg C
  • Firmware upgrades over The Air
  • Quad Based (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Chipset - SIRF StarIII GSC3F/ LP
  • Frequency – L1, 1,575.42 MHz
  • Channel - 20 parallel
  • C/A Code – 1,023 MHz
  • Accuracy – Position : within 10m
  • Velocity – 514 mtr/sec. maxium
  • Antenna – Built in Patch Antenna
  • Attitude – 18,000 mtr. Maximum

SRAM Backup Battery

  • 3.3mAhr Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery life at full charge is 7 days

Fix time

  • Reacquisition : less than 1 sec
  • Host Start : 1s @ Open Sky
  • Warm Start : 35s @ Open Sky
  • Cold Start : 35s @ Open Sky

DISHA 9310 : Compact GPS Tracker

  • Built in GSM/ GPRS Antenna & GPS Antenna
  • Store & Forward of Position & Time data based on availability of GPRS Network.
  • Power : 10-36 VDC (suitable for Car & Truck Battery)
  • Mount on Dashboard, No Installation required.
  • Ignition Key ON-OFF sensing
  • IP65 Weatherproof, Tamper resistant
  • Integrated Motion sensor
  • Dimension : 130(W) x 80 (D) x 40 (H) mm
  • Can be mounted under Dashboard


  • Battery Backup
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Fuel level / Temperature Sensing
  • External GPS / GPRS Antenna
  • Additional 2 x Digital Inputs
  • Digital output for Alarm / Immobilization
TDS 300 : Personal / Asset Tracker
  • Compact, Battery Operated
  • Can be carried on person / mounted on Equipment
  • Charged by USB adapter / Car Charger
TrackMe Mobile App for Android Phones:
  • Phone Tracked on mylocation using GPS & Cell ID
  • Security Products for Children, Old People, People working in Open Hazardous Areas.
  • Personal Tracker for Sales & Services Force, Insurance, Survey & other Field agent


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1. Fleet Tracking

  • Transport & Logistics
  • 24 x 7 Vehicle Tracking
  • Security of Vehicle
  • Real Time Info on Time of Delivery

2. School Bus

  • Alerts for Over Speeding, Harsh Braking, Sudden Accn.
  • Children Security
  • Mobile alert of Children getting On & Off at Stops.

3. Call Centers / BPO’s / Industries

  • Ensure the safe and efficient transport system for employers Used for recording the boarding and drop points with the time stamp Records no show of passengers
  • Workforce availability
  • Online Attendance .

4. Food, Beverages, C&F Distribution

  • Adherence to demarcated route
  • On Time Delivery of Products.
  • Mobile Alert for Estimated time of arrival
  • Security
  • Mobile alert for Non-Scheduled Stoppage Excessive Stoppage.

5. Industrial Asset Tracking

  • Overlay Google maps with Custom Maps
  • Availability of Mobile Assets like Loco’s, Wagon’s, Excavators etc.
  • Monitoring of vital parameters of Equipment to avoid expensive
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