Labour Managment System
We offer various solutions for management of Lab our Contract Personnel.
Different options installed at different sectors including Government, MNCs, Industry etc. having No. of labour contract personnel from 300 to 3500.
Technology offered - RFID card, Finger print, Finger print with Smart card, Tripod Turnstile, boom barrier etc.

Only card, only finger, card with finger, validity date check of contract period. With or without Tripod Turnstile.

Option 1:
Fully automatic solution with Finger print reader & Smart card - here the punching machine like finger print reader will stop reading finger after specified time limit on no. of days. Auto data transfer (on-line) to server using PUSH technology, auto proccessing of data.
With PUSH technology, options of LAN, WiFi, GPRS and Broadband.

Option 2:
Main gate having RFID card reader. Personnel punch there for validity. He/she goes to work area, punches on Face Recognition system. Only enrolled (authorized) punching allowed.
Time taken between main gate and work area reported.

Option 3:
Labour personnel punches with smart card and finger. Finger templates are stored on smart card. If finger matches, validity date is checked. If validity date is valid and finger matches, Tripod turnstile rotates and person enters,
For more detail on solution; installation list etc., please contact us.......
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